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Circo Pacco 100% Paccottiglia

Jumble of not-contemporary circus

Clown, physical theatre, comedy magic, juggling and eccentric acrobatics.

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It is simply that Paccottiglia (junk) is not-contemporary circus. A clownesque show that revives the circus world in parody thanks to two authentic scoundrels Frank Duro and Gustavo Leumann. Refuting “Nouveau Cirque”, and delected by classic circus the two eccentric characters do not rest until they have created their own inimitable style: The Circo Pacco.
Attempting to set up their show, they try by all means to earn the center of the stage for carryng the audience.
At the cost of prevaricate one on the other, they challenge with numbers at scoundrel limit between rain of pop-corn, magic comic, juggling sequences and eccentric acrobatic.
Any attempt to surpise the audience falls in failure and in a continuous clown game.

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High Class Charlatany. An XXXL show (60 min)

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